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BELOVED -  being
We have placed our value on the physical world. We are now seeking more, senses beyond the 5 physical senses. We seek our soul and the unseen. We need our soul to fulfill our destiny in the world. So the first step of the journey is to embrace your soul and seek contact and guidance. Be was created to listen in the stillness and follow your soul.

“Intuition is Soul Guidance in those moments when your mind is calm.” Patrick Mundus

YOUR   heart  

Your heart is the cathedral of your soul. Within you is the wisdom of the universe, your heart. Your heart is the organ with the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body. Your heart can perceive energy 10' away. Your heart informs your mind, accessing the unconscious through neural networks. Honor your sacred gift, the wisdom of your heart. Have courage! You know the way! 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein
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These are the people in your lifethat embrace your authentic desires, your true self. They will have your back on this journey.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. –Rumi

SEEK your   
tribe|    \ ˈtrīb  \


1: a social group comprising family, clan, or generations together with dependents or adopted strangers




OPEN mind




OPEN  heart

The first step is to open your heart. You invoke your soul through compassion for the suffering of the world. You care.


Deep caring leads to soul compassion and courage which are needed  to help you on the path. Your soul is invoked by need and our time is one of deep need. Use the need of our time to call forth heart and soul in compassion. Only from your center can you walk the path

Step two is to open your mind. Minds are like parachutes, they only work if they are open. Open to the possibilities of Being. 


We all inherit belief systems from our family and the world around us. To really be free, we need to open our mind to realize the possibilities beyond. Let go of beliefs that don't serve you to reach for beliefs beyond. You navigate from your heart, not your mind.

Step three is to connect to your soul and soul tribe in transformation. Real change comes from caring people taking action. 

Find your soul tribe, those that support your essence. Global transformation is what happens when we join together and connect: we change and so does the world. When we connect with our soul and each other we are empowered to transform. 

YOUR friends






On this path, the soul is the guide, connecting spirit, mind and body.


At the centre of your being, you have the answer. You know who you are, and you know what you want. Rumi

SEEK your   
soul |  \ ˈsōl  \  

1: the immaterial essence or spiritual principle embodied in human being;

2: the moral and emotional nature of human beings 








SOUL calling
SOUL contact
SOUL guidance

Your soul is seeking you. Learn to listen to the still small voice and perceive the subtle visions and synchronicities of the soul. Our soul calls us to live a life of wild love and compassionate freedom. Our soul knows why we aer here. Seek your soul in the still silence of your heart. 

Seek your soul. Be calls you to make contact with your soul, to love and embrace your true nature, your soul. Embracing your soul is to love yourself. You are the Beloved. You are loved. Be compassionate, forgive yourself first. 

Your soul knows the way. Now is the time to follow the soul's guidance and wisdom. Walk under the stars and navigate by their brilliance. Find the stillness and seek the wisdom of your heart + soul. Use meditation, visualization, affirmation and creativity to create a soulful life. 


Wandering . asleep  

Why do so many of us feel confused about who we are? How are we supposed to know what we are doing if we cannot connect to our true self? How do we get out of the fear and the negative thoughts and feelings to a life of purpose? How do we find our way back to the I AM, to our truth? This is the inspiration for Be – a deep desire to create an embodied ritual to guide us, personally and collectively, to a life of purpose and passion. It is wandering soulful journey. We journey to remember. 


Unseen . I AM

Much of our wandering is unseen. Journeys of the mind, heart, soul and spirit are all within. They can be felt and experienced (and now quantified) but they are not visible. This inner world of our psyche although unseen actually drives the vast majority of our physical world. Emotion (energy in motion) is stored in our psyche. ​Science shows that most of our decisions, actions, and behavior are based on our unconscious - that which is beyond our conscious awareness. This means that 95% of our life comes from the programming in our subconscious mind. This unseen energy propels and compels us. It is our destiny in motion. You are diving into this unconscious realm. On this journey you will want a guide. Seek your soul.  She knows the way. 

SPIRIT guides




SEEK your  

an·​gel |  \ ˈān-jəl  \

1: a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence

2: an attendant spirit or guardian who watches over us


It is not required to believe, but to have an open mind + open heart. I started my path with a burden of proof and witnessed miracles. I now believe. Your beliefs will be cultural and familial. 


Take only what resonates with  you. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY! If you do not believe in angels or ancestors skip to chakras.








SEEK YOUR angels

Angels protect us. Be connects us to angelic beings to help them help and protect us, to guard us in a way that is unique to our needs.

Angels guide us. In the journey of being and becoming who we are called to Be, we follow the heavenly guidance of angels.

Angels love us. They love us in a way that is deeply personal. They know us and care for us beyond our understanding.


If you already know your angels or don't believe in angels disregard this offering. If you seek angelic guidance here is a place to start. 

77% of Americans believe in angels, immortal heavenly beings that guide and protect us. 


Seek the wisdom of your heart. YOUR SOUL IS IMMORTAL; she knows your angels!

United in Love – Archangels and Archeia

All Beings employ energy of the Heart (emotion) and Mind (thought) regardless of how high their station (which is simply their journey back to the I AM or the source of all creation - to the universe). All energy responds to those two great powers, the heart and mind. These are not just your super powers - they are super powers. It is with these powers that you co-create with your soul and the universe. We are not alone on our journey. In fact, this is something I wish to have you feel into. You are so loved and held. The Archangels and the Archeia, as creations of the I AM (God, Divine, Magic, Nature, Universe - whatever) are your guardians. You are being guided on the journey by grace.


Archangelic Mind – The Etheric Plane

The power of Archangelic Mind uses the binding forces of the etheric plane to produce the effects of mass, gravity, and solidity in the physical world. This creates the life which we are familiar. The physical world or plane has an etheric pattern on the second plane of existence which creates the physical form. This is the Above and Below. The Etheric Plane is about two thousand times denser (in terms of particles per cubic measure) than the physical plane, and therefore its binding power is tremendous. The forces which act at a distance, like gravity and magnetism, actually have their origin on the Etheric Plane (space). This is all mental. Now use your heart. Feel into it. 

Archangel Uriel is the archangel of wisdom and illumination. He illuminates the darkness to show the way (“Light of God”). His flame of truth lights the bridge of heaven + earth.

Archangel Uriel + Archeia Aurora



Archangel Michael and Faith are the archangel and archeia of the first ray of light, the ray of will. The vibration of the first ray is blue. Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts. He is the Angel of Deliverance. He directs the guardian angels of protection. His divine complement is Archeia Faith. Seek them for protection and guidance.

First Ray Archangel Michael/Archeia Faith; Blue – Divine Will through Faith – Throat Chakra

The blue ray correlates to our throat chakra. The throat chakra is a power center as sound is vibrational. Through the sacred science of sound we can create through the speaking of the word. Invoking the names of Michael and Faith brings to us their love and protection, a renewal of faith, the power to do the will of the Divine and a love for that will. An embrace of all that is.


Archangel Jophiel and Christine are the archangel and archeia of the second ray of light, the ray of wisdom and illumination. These twin flames amplify the Christ consciousness within angels, elementals and men. Jophiel and Christine serve with the World Teachers, to illumine mankind's understanding of cosmic law. The name Jophiel means “beauty of God.”

Second Ray Archangel Jophiel/Archeia Christine – Yellow – Illumination through Wisdom – Crown Chakra

Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine serve on the second ray of the wisdom of God. This ray vibrates as the color golden-yellow. If we desire greater understanding and spiritual wisdom, we can pray to Jophiel and Christine. The yellow Ray is the Ray of consciousness. The yellow golden flame brings the impulse for binding light and love, as well as for unifying matter and spirit. This is a Ray of wisdom, sensitivity and intuition. The yellow ray resonates with our crown chakra.


Archangel Chamuel and Charity are the archangel and archeia of the third ray of light, the ray of the heart. This ray vibrates from deep ruby red to a delicate pink. And the quality that is emanated is love--unconditional, miraculous, healing love of the I AM, the Divine – all that is. A prayer to Chamuel and Charity is an opening of our heart, an expansive love, including ourselves. The Third ray correlates with the heart chakra.

Third Ray Archangel Chamuel/Archeia Charity – Pink – Compassion through Love – Heart Chakra

The twin angelic flames of adoration and glorification, Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity amplify the love in your heart. If you want to transmute negative emotions invoke them. Energy cannot be destroyed, it has to be transmuted (altered). They transmute negative energy to positive energy in the chamber of your heart. With the golden midpoint of polarity – the balance of unconditional love, you can transmute energy.  The Pink Ray (Pink Flame) is amplified by green tourmaline, jade, rose quartz and fluorite.



Archangel Gabriel and Hope are the archangel and archeia of the fourth ray of light, purity and wholeness. The vibration of purity is a luminous white. White is a harmonious balance of all colors of the rays. The fourth Ray of white light (white flame) is in the middle of the seven rays, and as such it symbolizes a central point, balance and harmony. The white Ray stimulates our creativity, a desire to create art and beauty. The white flame is stimulated by sounds and colors. 

Fourth Ray Archangel Gabriel/Archeia Hope – White – Embodiment through Purity – Root Chakra

The fourth ray resonates with the root chakra. In our desire toward wholeness of being, the archangelic twin flames of Gabriel and Hope unite us with our higher aspect. They amplify our intuitive strength as it calls for an embodied love. The white ray exhibits the greatest power of purification. Crystals of the White Ray (White Flame) are ruby, red zircon, garnet, jasper, dragon eye, and coral, and from the group of black crystals of protection and grounding obsidian, tourmaline and black opal. 



Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary serve on the fifth ray of light, the ray of healing and manifestation. It is in alignment with this ray that we receive abundance, vision and truth. The vibration of the fifth ray appears as the color emerald-green. Archangel Raphael represents the power of sight and vision. Pray to him as you develop your third eye, your clairvoyant inner vision. Archeia Mary is from the angelic realm but has embodied as the divine mother. 


Fifth Ray Archangel Raphael/Archeia Mary – Green – Healing through Manifestation – Third Eye Chakra

The green Ray of light represents concretization, crystallization of substance. When we desire to heal, a desire to shine the light of truth on our life, Mary and Raphael offer wisdom and light.  The green flame amplifies our imagination and intuition, impulses that have been conceived in the energy of Divine truth. The law of the Divine is Love, but the language is Truth.  The fifth ray amplifies and manifests truth. Truth allows us to heal. It sets us free.


Archangel Uriel and Aurora are the Archangel and Archeia of the sixth ray of light. The sixth ray radiates the quality of service and vibrates as the color purple and gold with touches of ruby. Our highest calling is service. Arhchangel Uriel is the greatest of all Guardian Angels. He embodies the peace of our unity with each other and the Divine. When you seek for inner peace and wisdom invoke Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora, pray that they spread their wings of protection and guidance above you. 


Sixth Ray Archangel Uriel—Archeia Aurora – Purple/Gold – Resurrection through Service – Solar Plexus Chakra

Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora facilitate our resurrection, as we embody spirit in matter. Our devotion through service frees us from our fears and desires, allowing us to rise above our physical existence. Embodied in this grace, we are healed and protected. The ruby flame is an unconditional love of spirit and devotion to the Divine. It is this mercy bestowed on us that liberates from our attachments, granting us peace.   



Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst serve on the seventh ray of light. The seventh ray vibrates as the color violet. The seventh Ray is forgiveness, freedom and mercy. The seventh Ray liberates us from our desire. It is our attachments to the past and future that tether us. Evoke Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst to liberate you from suffering. The violet flame alchemizes dark to light. 

Seventh Ray Archangel Zadkiel—Archeia Amethyst – Violet - Freedom through Transmutation – Seat of the Soul Chakra

The ability to forgive is primary in achieving freedom from suffering and living in joy and fulfillment. Invoking the violet ray, in conjunction with meditation and self-truth, frees us to extend mercy within and without. When we know forgiveness of ourselves and others we live in the spirit of pure joy. Transmutation uses pure light-energy, the violet flame, an aspect of the Holy Spirit. It resides in our hearts and all of our chakras.



First Crystal Ray – Archangel Auriel and Archeia Alena

Second Crystal Ray – Archangel Celestel and Archeia Celena

Third Crystal Ray – Archangel Christiel and Archeia Christyla

Fourth Crystal Ray – Archangel Soliel and Archeia Astrela

Fifth Crystal Ray – Archangel Virtuel and Archeia Vestrea

I personally resonate with the HIGH ARCHANGEL METATRON and ARCHEIA SOPHIA as well as ARCHANGEL URIEL and ARCHEIA AURORA. In meditation seek your ANGELS! Angels are personal. Open HEART and Open MIND!! There is no right or wrong - just right and wrong for you! Our life is so perfect that it is created for us (and by us). Beliefs are cultural and famlial. We cannot judge because we only know our truth.





SEEK your     

an·​ces·​tor | \ ˈan-ˌse-stər  also -sə- \


loved ones from whom a person is descended, usually more remote in the line of descent than a grandparent


an·​ces·​tor wor·​ship  | \ ˈan-ˌse-stər  also -sə- \

the custom of venerating deceased ancestors whose spirits are believed to have the power to contact the living

It is important to remember those that have come before us. Study your ancestors. Not just from your personal heritage but our human heritage. At times we can be discouraged with humanity but remember the brave and heroic souls that have come before us: Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi, Michelangelo, Nikola Tesla, Harriet Tubman, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or religious figures such as Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed, Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Martin Luther or Lao-Tzu. Open your heart and your mind. They, like you, are heros. They lived in service to the greater good (whatever term you use). They claimed their destiny. They gave their gifts.







The soul connects. Uniting us with others and ourselves, the soul connects heaven and earth, above and below, within and without. Ask your ancestors to guide you. Use their images and favorite sayings. Honor them. Seek their wisdom. Pay attention. In what way are they offering you guidance. Spirit uses synchronicity and manifests in the physical world all around us. Pay atteniton. Chose to see past the fear of the physical into the eternal. Dare to dream and remember. Move boldly into the light. 

The soul is our real value. Representing the memories of our past, the soul holds and honors our true and treasured inheritance. As you remember your past and your heritage what do you go to? What calls you? Are there celebrations, recipes, traditions? In what way can you pass this on? Honor it? Call your mother, grandmother, father, aunt. Tell your children a family story. Know too that the archetype of the hero comes from the margin, the orphan. If you do not have this heritage you are in the company of greatness.

The soul remembers the past.  The soul connects us to our personal past and our human past, returning us to harmony and balance. Your ancestors are literally those that came before you. Our spirit does not cease to exist, it changes forms. In fact nothing can cease to exist scientifically and time is a construct of our mind. We are immortal and eternal. Our body will perish but our spirit lives on. Your ancestors guide and guard you. You can play with your family lineage. Those in your family that have played a powerful role in your life. 


SOUL remember
HONOR memories
GUIDED connection
more with  anna  
UNIVERSAL  gifts     


Your gift – Divine access

We all have our way or knowing or experience. The etheric body has senses, ways of knowing. These senses access information beyond the five senses we are familiar with that we use on the physical plane. The way you access the beyond, is personal (it’s all personal). These abilities are unique and they manifest perfectly for you. As with all things don’t focus on without (what is happening around you), but rather go within (what is happening within you). You may be surrounded by people that are clairvoyant and see wildly cool things. Get over it! You have your own way and it is your Divine gift (that you chose). You’ve probably heard the term clairvoyance, which has to do with visual images, but there are other types of sensitivity, which involve hearing, sensing, knowing or feeling.

The Clairs – Access the Beyond

The primary methods of accessing the Beyond are often referred to as the “clairs”. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) allows you to see images in your mind that have special significance, visual impressions associated with other people, colors, auras or visions. This can come in dreams or when you’re awake. Clairaudience (clear hearing) is the ability to manifests audibly messages or voices – usually inside your mind (telepathic). It could be that spirits will converse with you through thoughts. Clairsentience (clear feeling) is the ability to feel the emotions and feelings around you. The term “empathic” is another word for clairsentience. Claircognizance (clear knowing) is the ability to ‘just know’. This is a powerful gift that accesses an inner knowing which is received from other planes, whether it is your soul, angels or spirits. Belief is the key. Faith in yourself and the magical universe in which you exist.

You know – Synchronicity

This is how we co-create with the Divine. Your destiny is not set. If we change our state of consciousness our future is altered.  This is the energy of our past and future experiences.  If you consciously recall a past experience, you are accessing the energy field of that experience our memory.  The energy fields of the past experiences we can no longer consciously recall still exist collectively as the subconscious. Instinct or intuition allows us to access this record of experiences on a subconscious level. The Divine communicates with us through synchronicities, numbers, words, memories. You know.

Gurus – You alone know

I am going to use this moment to reiterate that you have your answers, you alone know your truth (say it again - you alone know). You have guardian angels and spirit guides that see beyond. They know your destiny. To access that information you simply have to Be. We have beautiful souls that influence our journey but no one can tell us which road to take. The best guru tunes into you accessing a moment in time from their perspective. Future experiences exist as possibilities, not certainties. The future is dynamic. The future is based on your state of consciousness. Your state of Mind is not static. At any moment you can change your consciousness and your future. Your destiny has not been set. You determine your fate. This is hard science (epigentics).


3 + 1 + 3 - The tipping point

As with the chakras, there is a neutral tipping point, the Unity Plane. This is where information is processed and recorded. Of note, our life is recorded with thoughts and actions being equal. The Spirit Plane is truth aligned. The Divine Plane is love embodied.  The Harmonic Plane is the highest plane of creation. Its medium is pure or abstract kinetic energy - electricity. This is the infinite beyond. It is the harmony of the spheres. This is my personal gnosis and language. Everyone has their own experience and translation, which is their truth to honor and express. The universe is exquisite beauty BEYOND comprehension. It is offered brilliantly as our personal human expeirence. Humanity is to remember our magic, our power and ultimately that we are one. We are love and light.