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We are vibrating energy. The physical body consists of energy that vibrates very slowly, which is why it appears to our physical eyes to be solid. Because it is seen and experienced, we have focused on the physical aspect of ourselves. Our bodies also have a subtle energy body which is unseen, but not outside of our perception. This energy body has a dramatic effect on our health and well being: mind . body . heart . soul . spirit.

Our products are created to amplify and alchemize your energy body. Upon application our products alchemize your aura, supporting ritual work and inviting personal transformation. 

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ENERGY  gateways

Our subtle energy system consists of chakras or points of connection which direct the subtle energy into the physical body using meridians. The Chakras create an energetic field around the physical body known as the auric field or aura.  The Chakras are subtle energy points within and around the physical body; vortexes of energy that act as energy gateways. Chakras are spiritual energy centers where the energy of spirit enters the body. They are not religious but reflect the universal energy of the soul as a map of the body.

Chakras are centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life-force energy. They are the stepping stones between heaven and earth.     

Anodea Judith

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Your aura is a physical manifestation of your soul. In scientific research the aura is a quantifiable electromagnetic field of energy that extends 4-5’ from our body. Electrons, composed of atoms, vibrate at the speed of consciousness.


Our aura is created by your subconscious and conscious thoughts, feelings and actions. The more you awaken to the desire to serve your soul’s purpose the higher your vibration and more vibrant your aura. Our aura changes with both internal and external stimuli. Your tribe affects your aura!

REAL  unique

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WILD soul   

chak·​ra | \ ˈchä-krə  , ˈshä-, ˈchə-  \ any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body 


A RAINBOW  bridge
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We use the traditional 7 chakra system and the 5 star chakras — gateways located outside of the physical body. These primary points of connection help us to transform our nature (within) and nature around us (without). Uniting heaven and earth, they embody the alchemical principle of as above, so below. We have created a zodiac wheel, using the wisdom of the heavens. You can use your astrological birth chart or journey the wheel of transformation. We use the language of the stars to guide us: light, sound and symbols. Seek the heavens. 

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul. 

Hermes Trismegistus

This is a journey of love and light, heart and soul. Your heart is a compass and your soul is your guide. On this journey, as you balance the chakras, the physical body moves into alignment. You experience increased health and well being; healing beyond health and abundance beyond wealth. You are aligned to the golden rule or universal law - LOVE.

Each of the chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and wellbeing in our lives and in the world.   Deepak Chopra

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FIERCE  love



The solar plexus is a source of inner strength where your personal power aligns with and expresses the divine will with the radiance of the sun.


In the solar plexus self-possession and determination combine to illuminate a life of purpose in which you are filled with the passion of our calling. Standing in your purpose you are steadfast and centered: fierce