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LET go


A LIFE   path- BEGIN

This is about your transformation. You are changing your life. You are paradoxically lost and found, wandering. You have a path within you in the chakras. Just as the stars above light the way, there is a constellation within you. This is your journey home, your path of return. You journey beyond the physical to the heavens.

You are bridging heaven and Earth in your body. As you begin to connect consciously with the Universe and trust that the Universe has your back, you will recognize that the Universe is constantly communicating with you. You look at the world differently. This is a subtle but powerful shift in perspective. You are more present or in the now, grounded. You are more connected to the world and the heavens.  

As you prepare to take your first step upon the path, relax. Breathe deep and remember: You've got this. This path is in you and it is you, connecting above and below through you. You were made for this. The 12 chakras and 12 zodiac are the steps of the path. They chart your path of return. You are ready. You are enough. You have everything you need. 
The chakras are the physical map or path (below)
The zodiac are the celestial map (above). 
Your heart is your compass. 
Your soul is your guide.
You have a soul tribe - they support your Being!! We are your tribe too - we are here for you!  

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears. – Rumi



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As you ground yourself in the magical Universe, you will find clarity in your confusion. You will find light in the darkness. Your life will be illuminated. Signs or synchronicities that had gone unnoticed will catch your eye. You will see beyond the mundane to the infinite magic of the Universe. You will realize that the Universe has been guiding you all along. You can trace this guidance back in your life.  


“I know you’re tired but come, this is the  way.” RUMI

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REAL  gold 

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. Tolkien

You are connected to the vast magical universe through your soul. This is the energy we seek. Connect to your soul and your soul tribe - those that love you (really love you). You journey home through the chakras and the zodiac. 

We begin by exploring meditative rituals and centering techniques to help you stay centered on the path. 33 days of ritual creates a habit. Begin wild soul. 



WILD soul   




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SOUL surrender

Step one. Dive in and surrender to new experiences and new growth. These products provide a support system to help you, but you have to use them. You are creating rituals and habits to support your transformative journey.


Getting the products is the first step but to really bring that step home, you want to dive into your ritual play practice. Create a space that will support you in your new habit of BEing. Decorate YOUR space with things you LOVE, from inspiring vision boards to beautiful candles to relics from your life. Get ready to have fun!

Step two is SIMPLE. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath into your heart and drop into the body. Just like in labor, breath helps you center, relax and release, stilling your mind and opening your heart.


Breath is life and the soul (psyche) means life. You will become conscious of your breathing. You begin each session with three breaths. Releasing the old (habit, thought, boyfriend, year . . . ) and breathing in the new. With each breath you center yourself on the path.


HEART center



Meditation is the next step, opening you up to new ways of knowing and being. A form of communication with your soul or Self (whole BEing), meditation offers life lessons through reflection as a contemplative path.

Find your own way to meditate and reach beyond the limitation of your mind. An ongoing tool for this journey, meditation has many benefits from reducing stress and anxiety to promoting health and well being. It is a way to gain self-awareness and insight and the BE products are designed to help.


Surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Who challenge you to be greater that you were yesterday. Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs. Life isn't meant to be done alone. Find your tribe, and journey freely and loyally together.


Alex Elle


JUST BE  you 

The primary person that you are connecting with is you. This is a journey about being what and who you really are. It is a way to realize your full potential as an embodied soul, connecting heaven and earth. On this path you walk the chakra and zodiacal lessons and activate their power within you.


Navigating this path of soul realization requires you sacrifice (to “make sacred”) what you no longer need and who you never were. The gift is that when you shed this false self you become empty to receive and Be who you really are. The journey isn’t about becoming something more, but about becoming who you were born to be. Wander into the wilderness of your Being.  

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TRIBAL  being- 

Throughout time we have worked and played in tribes. At Be we know that we learn from and transform with others, and this is how we grow. While you can buy and learn online, we also offer soul tribe seed kits to help you learn and grow together. Be hive kits include products, gifts and ritual teaching tools for the host to keep (the queen bee), we build hives of interconnection through Be hives that benefit all. We want you to learn from and teach each together. We have created ways for you to share and transform together, using the products as a path to tribal transformation. Learn more + explore. 

I realized that I could easily identify who in my life was feeding my soul, who supported me as I dared to be more. They were there when I summoned my courage and let go. This was my tribe.  Anna
WILD soul   




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The fourth step is to create ritual. By creating a ritual practice (with words and actions that support you), you are patterning and reaching the unconscious/superconscious (the 95% of you beyond consciousness.) To create deep habits you need to set a consistent time to Be.


Play with ritual. Set a time for your daily ritual play (practice). 33 days of ritual creates a habit. This could include making an intention as you light your candle and spray yourself or using an affirmation or mantra each morning and evening. Set aside 12 minutes a day and align your habit to what feels free and powerful.


RITUAL practice


SOUL journal



Step six is to CREATE. This could be a cake, a picture, a garden or a song. Create something and then keep doing it. Creativity is the heartbeat of the soul and of this transformative path. In this process you create yourself, your life and world.

Creation is natural and easy. It is following your bliss. What do you love? Explore and your favorite way to create. Go to the store (garden, kitchen or craft) and treat yourself to inspiring supplies.Grab a friend. Creation is a gift. Give it. Begin with a small project . . . or one that is so big it takes your breath away.

Starting a journal is step five.  

Whether this is a dot or bullet journal, an art journal or doodle fest, a journal is a great way to record and remember experiences that can guide you on your journey. Journaling offers a playful path to freedom.

The number one rule to journaling (like journeying) is to be yourself and have fun. Do what you love. Pick a journal you love. Write what you want. Explore. Dive deep. Be. Collage and write poetry. Rap. Whatever makes your heart and soul sing. Tune in to what makes your soul happy and free. 

Transformation does not start with someone else changing you; transformation is an inner self reworking of what you are now to what you will be. To transform yourself you do not need to do big things. Just do small things in a big way. Transformation will follow you! 



Wise Old Saying


RECREATE  yourself 
Be is a product line designed to activate and realize your potential, but it is also a path to recreate yourself, your life and your world. This creativity can take many forms from recreating your living and working space according to Feng Shui or following your intuition as you start a spoken word poetry night.  The point is that YOU are doing what YOU feel called to do: BEing yourself. Magically, when you offer the gift of yourself to the world, not only you but WE become whole. We recreate the world together. That is the BE revolution. It is a revolution of ritual and creative love that will transform the world.

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Step eight is the point in your journey that you have found your footing. Now is the time to look up to the heavens and WONDER. The stars are where you are from and where you are going. The future and the past circle Above.

This is where your journey aligns to astrology and the new yet ancient star-lit path of the ZODIAC. You have laid the stepping stones that will serve you on your way and are ready to add the chakras and the zodiac signs that connect you to the heavens. On this path the stars will guide you and light your way.

SEEK THE heavens
SEEK nature

Step nine is to connect to your soul tribe. Don't panic. If you want to zen alone (introvert heaven), that's great. But you will still connect with something . . . whether it is love, your soul, intuition or inspiration. 

Reaching out is also reaching in. While this could mean gathering your tribe hive for coffee, tea, wine or kombucha, you will also be reaching in to access inner resources. From soulful healing to divine imagining or an inner guide, the truth is that you meet who and what you call on this path. Connect.


Step seven takes you out into the wilds of nature to find your nature. Whether this means walking in a city park or camping in deep wilderness, this is your chance to connect with your wild soul and nature.

Nature heals us, ​reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress hormones. The soul animates or enlivens us in nature, reaching out to touch us through symbolism and synchronicity. Take a walk or sit with a tree to reach back and connect with the soul in the world. Let your nature free.

GROUP connection
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Soul love is sacred. The soul's love brings us together and unites us by healing places where we are hurt and divided. It takes us to the unconscious wounds at the center of our individual and cultural complexes and asks us to heal ourselves so we can heal everyone. It reaches into our past and our body to touch us deeply and move us profoundly. The soul's love is deep, powerful and true. It is our eternal essence - the path to real freedom and happiness.

A WILD  soul CONTRACT is our promise to our soul to seek our destiny in the world. To honor and claim our truth and our power. We are the legacy. 








STAND strong

Step eleven is to recognize the inner guidance that happens naturally through synchronicity. This is when we open to the guidance of the soul who is not bound by time or space but weaves them together. Synchronicity is when outer experience reflects inner experience in meaningful ways.

Synchronicity can be seen as the bread crumbs that guide us. Whether a phone call from someone you were thinking of or a billboard that echoes a dream, synchronous images help to teach you. Look for them. Learn to follow them as you follow the soul.

The last step flows naturally. Find and follow your passion. Let it make you strong. Passion is life energy and when it flows in us we pulse with a current and a heart beat greater than our own. Whether your passion is creating beauty or helping homeless, it is what moves you and others.

Passion is what inspires us to fulfill our purpose on earth. What are you doing here? Do you know? Follow the energy of passion to find out. Like a child, move closer to what makes you excited, more passionate and use this energy to serve the world in some way.

HAVE courage

Step ten calls for courageous growth. Try new things and meet new people. Even (or especially) if you have set patterns, try a new one. Stretch yourself. Reach toward a goal like the branch reaches to the sun and push yourself to blossom in new ways. Try to move toward what inspires you. Grow in and out.

Transformation is the movement of the soul whose mission is to help us grow.  Set a goal of adding one new thing a week. If you are an introvert, get out. If your are extroverted, go in. Whoever you are, do something you never do. Do something you have always wanted to but been afraid to. Seek and you will find.


SEEK guidance

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”

John Lennon 

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MOON rituals


Astrology has your back. This is that time. Set new intention and manifest with the power of the heavens. Use new & full moon rituals to manifest and amplify your energy. We are using the energy of the day and the night! Dream awake.

We have created a lunar calendar. Following moon cycles can be a great way to set intentions and manifest. We use the full/new moon as the ideal time to play/dream/imagine with your soul. Journal and journey with us. Our energy begins to build at the new moon and then comes to completion two weeks later at the full moon. Use these cycles to amplify and alchemize your energy. 





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SOUL  space

We have created a place for your to transform with your tribe.


Soul Space is an online learning, loving and living platform to help you grow. 

A community platform that offers soul-centered teaching for transformation. It is a place to gather in soulful community to share and grow together. A tribe of seekers that unites and transcends opposites. The nature of our soul is love. Embracing different perspectives and ways of knowing, we build bridges to create an inclusive community of soulful exploration and collaboration. The soul overcomes divides by bridging opposites and holding paradox.


"All paths lead to the center, but there is only one way - your way." HTZ 

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WILD   soul PLAY 

At Soul Space we combine modern technology with ancient wisdom to create a more soulful world. While modern problems are complicated, soulful solutions can be simple: connecting with others, playing with what you love and being yourself (real). Soul Space offers a community of connection and transformation. It is a chance to form friendships and relationships in an integrated social network where you can share experiences and ideas. Accommodating diversity in learning styles and intelligences, formats include interactive video and audio content that combine visual and verbal content to maximize understanding. Built upon the number one learning platform, features include flexible pathways, drip feed, note taking and course organization tools for high vibe learning, living and loving. 


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