let there be light

We are launching in celebration of light + love. We look to the heavens. In 2020, the spring equinox happened on Thursday, March 19. The first full Moon - a pink super moon - occurred the night of Tuesday, April 7. This time is a sacred celebration of light and belief in the power of love. We use the heavens with the star chakras, zodiac and lunar calendar to seek the symbolic language of the universe - love + light. Manifest with the moon + Be.

LUNAR FACTS: The date of Easter is based on the full Moon and the March equinox (vernal or spring equinox). Easter is what’s known as a “movable feast”—in other words, a religious holiday that moves. "Paschal" comes from “Pascha,” a transliteration of the Aramaic word meaning “Passover.” Paschal refers to the date of the full Moon determined with ancient calculations (made in a.d. 325) which did not take into account certain lunar motions.