AWAKE Third Eye Chakra Candle
  • AWAKE Third Eye Chakra Candle


    Be AWAKE. Third Eye Chakra Candle. 



    Zodiac: Libra

    Visualize the color of indigo - night sky. 

    SEE BEYOND - I AM AWAKE . I see 


    Awake you are grounded and inspired, spirit in matter. You have faith in the universe, a pervasive peace. Relax and surrender to the universe. Give your needs to spirit. Dream your dreams awake. Hold the expansive frequency of abundance beyond wealth and healing beyond health. Past trauma and future anxiety are dissolved as you re-pattern your life with conscious energy - the frequency of love. Manifest miracles.



    In me spirit and matter, heaven and earth, are one.



    • 10 oz

      Our CANDLES are hand poured pure coconut and beeswax, infused with essential oils and gemstones. Beeswax is the only wax to illuminate the full spectrum of light when lit and to emit negative ions that cleanse the air and uplift the spirit. The candles have resonant crystals that anchor the energy and adorn the surface.