BELOVED Soul Star Chakra Mist
  • BELOVED Soul Star Chakra Mist


    Be BELOVED: Soul Star Chakra Mist.



    Zodiac: Sagittarius

    Visualize the luminescent essence of the stars - a diamond  

    (color/essence are reflective or your energy - your alignment to your destiny)


    Soul Star Chakra - LOVE BEYOND (love as the quantum field) 

    The soul chakra connects you to the light of the heavens, the luminous radiance of the night sky and the brilliance of the sun. It is the point where spirit and matter first come together and touch. It is through the soul chakra that we know ourselves—our true nature, calling and purpose. The seat of the soul is the entrance to our heart. 


    Activity: Recall your soul identity and purpose and let yourself be guided through the soul chakra to serve this purpose in the world. Explore. When are you most aligned to your soul and soul chakra?

    • 4 fl oz

      Our MISTS are a Divine blend of flower, gemstone and plant essences combined with therapeutic essential oils and infused in water. Energized with sacred elemental properties, sound and ritual, they balance your personal aura and auric space. Real Crystals amplify the energy.