BEYOND Cosmic Chakra Candle
  • BEYOND Cosmic Chakra Candle


    Be BEYOND. Cosmic Chakra Candle.



    Zodiac: Aquarius

    Visualize cosmic gold (Divine Heavens - the energy of the Beyond) 



    This chakra is located above the spirit chakra. It is the expanse or the BEYOND. The quantum field of love, the heavens. The Galactic/Cosmic Chakra allows for communication with other realms and the Divine. It is associated with advancing the development of spiritual skills, including manifestation and alchemizing energy.


    Activity: Recall a dream or imagery from a waking dream and let yourself be guided through the images. Enter the dream. What are you being shown? What symbolism emerges. Imagine beyond.

    • 10 oz

      Our CANDLES are hand poured pure coconut and beeswax, infused with flower and mineral essences and gemstones. Beeswax is the only wax to illuminate the full spectrum of light when lit and to emit ions that cleanse the air and uplift the spirit. Each candle has specific resonant crystals that anchor the energy and adorn the surface.