DIVINE Spirit Star Chakra Mist
  • DIVINE Spirit Star Chakra Mist


    Be DIVINE: Spirit Star Chakra Mist.



    Zodiac: Capricorn

    Visualize pink/rose gold - the love of the BEYOND


    DIVINE - SPIRIT STAR (dream your dreams awake - spirit chakra) 

    The spirit chakra connects you to the transcendence of the heavens and the inspiration and information of realms beyond. This can be a way to read angelic records, to understand more about your life purpose and destiny. This connection shapes your future, while connecting you to your past. 


    Ritual: Light the candle and be still, in the place of inspiration within. Be in meditation, listening to Bach, or in the sunlight of a meadow. Let everything go. EXPAND. Feel the peace of your spirit.

    • 4 fl oz

      Our MISTS are a Divine blend of flower, gemstone and plant essences combined with therapeutic essential oils and infused in water. Energized with sacred elemental properties, sound and ritual, they balance your personal aura and auric space. Real Crystals amplify the energy.