HARMONIC Universal Chakra Mist
  • HARMONIC Universal Chakra Mist


    Be HARMONIC: Universal Chakra Mist. 



    Zodiac: Pisces

    Visualize violet and indigo (veil of the night sky - wisdom)



    The universal chakra is sometimes called the I AM.  With the activation of this chakra, your communication with the energies beyond are unhindered. The gateway of the universal chakra opens for your exploration. 


    Ritual: Mist yourself and allow your energy to flow upward. Feel yourself expand as the vibration of light and sound. You are one with the heavens, the stars, galaxy and beyond. Ask and know your truth.

    • 4 fl oz

      Our MISTS are a Divine blend of flower, gemstone and plant essences combined with therapeutic essential oils and infused in water. Energized with sacred elemental properties, sound and ritual, they balance your personal aura and auric space. Real Crystals amplify the energy.