ONE Earth Star Chakra Candle
  • ONE Earth Star Chakra Candle


    Be ONE: Earth Star Chakra Candle.


    Zodiac: Aries 

    Visualize the color of black.brown 


    Embodied nature - Alchemize Matter

    The earth chakra grounds us to the earth through our body. Reaching down through the root chakra, the earth chakra anchors us in our lives, connecting us to the substance of which we are made, above and below. Located 12-18” below the root.


    Activity: Recall a time when you felt secure, loved, accepted - one. Deeply feel the experience, evoke your senses. When have you experienced this energy? How does nature effect you? Use the elements to connect to nature. Wander out to gaze at the stars, stare at the clouds in the middle of the day or the water of a pool.  Gaze at the flame of your candle - allow yourself to dream into it.  

    • 10 oz

      Our CANDLES are hand poured pure coconut and beeswax, infused with flower and mineral essences and gemstones. Beeswax is the only wax to illuminate the full spectrum of light when lit and to emit ions that cleanse the air and uplift the spirit. Each candle has specific resonant crystals that anchor the energy and adorn the surface.