ONE Earth Star Chakra Mist
  • ONE Earth Star Chakra Mist


    Be ONE: Earth Star Chakra Mist.


    Zodiac: Aries 

    Visualize the color of black.brown 

    Embodied nature - Alchemize Matter


    The earth chakra grounds us to the earth through our body. Reaching down through the root chakra, the earth chakra anchors us in our lives, connecting us to the substance of which we are made, above and below. Located 12-18” below the root.


    Activity: Recall a time when you felt secure, loved, accepted - one. Deeply feel the experience, evoke your senses. When have you experienced this energy? How does nature effect you? Use the elements to connect to nature. Wander out to gaze at the stars, stare at the clouds in the middle of the day or the water of a pool.  Mist yourself with One - allow yourself to dream into it.  


    healing BEYOND health - soul alchemy  

    abundance BEYOND wealth - soul manifestation 



    • Grounded unconditional faith + trust in the universe
    • Deep love + affection within and without
    • Integrity of mind . body . heart . soul . spirit
    • Magnetism to vital energy, resources and ease
    • Inner peace and joy as you root deep and release
    • Compassionate embodied service to spirit
    • Deep call to purpose - seek your destiny in the world 



    + Arrogance and identification with material + ego

    - Lack of self worth + belief that you are impotent

    + Dominance and control + belief in superiority (righteous)

    - Low libido and physical exhaustion + belief in inferiority 


    One you are embodied nature, spirit in matter. You have faith in the universe, a pervasive peace. Relax and surrender to the universe. Give your needs to spirit. Dream your dreams awake. Hold the expansive frequency of abundance beyond wealth and healing beyond health. Past trauma and future anxiety are dissolved as you re-pattern your life with conscious energy - the frequency of love. Manifest miracles.



    In me spirit and matter, heaven and earth, are one. 

    • 4 fl oz

      Our MISTS are a Divine blend of flower, gemstone and plant essences combined with therapeutic essential oils and infused in water. Energized with sacred elemental properties, sound and ritual, they balance your personal aura and auric space. Real Crystals amplify the energy.