RENEW  you  

Renewal is intentionally created for your sacred space. It clears your personal aura as well as your energetic field. This allows you to alchemize and amplify your energy, increasing your vibe. It can be used prior to any ritual practice or meditation with the Be products or simply for a quick energetic reset. Use Renewal if you can feel your energy get stuck, whether it is in an emotion or a desire or a thought. You can visualize it as a white light flooding you and your space or a sphere of light around you. Play with your inspirational practices. Whether it is prayer, meditation, yoga, journaling or knitting, Renewal creates the space to begin. 

Every moment is made glorious by the light of love. RUMI

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RENEW YOUR  space  

Energy can get stuck in a space, similar to your body. Both positive and negative energies exist in your home. Renew is created to cleanse the energy of your space before you do ritual practices or if you feel your mood needs a lift but it can also be used as an energetic reset.There is a lot you can do to increase the vibe of your space, and it is fun! It can be a lack of sunlight, clutter, absence of color or desire for inspiration. It’s a good idea to regularly cleanse your personal space and your home energetically, to restore balance and harmony.  There will be more to come on how to increase the vibe of your personal and auric space - from feng shui to creative decor.

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CITRINE   gemstone essence

- Citrine balances and aligns your chakras. It alchemizes all realms of existence. It often originates on the emotional and mental levels but it is a harmonizing stone. It is integrates spirit and matter, embodying the beyond - oneness. 

AMETHYST   gemstone essence

- Amethyst is a powerful healing stone. It is a love stone. It alchemizes emotional trauma, alleviating anxiety and fear. It dissolves negative energy and blockages within the nervous system, amplifying the expansive energy of the beyond -love.

ROSE QUARTZ   gemstone essence

- Rose Quartz amplifies higher states of consciousness, increasing your energetic vibration. It releases negative emotion and trauma whether fear, jealousy or anger. It magnifies energy for a dynamic effect and is a coupling stone.

*CEDARWOOD ATLAS  essential oil

– Cedarwood Atlas has an exquisite cedar scent. The Cedarwood Atlas is the purest form of spiritual love. It alchemizes dark energy amplifying the sacred energy of pure love. The ultimate healing energy. 

*FRANKINCENSE  essential oil

– Frankincense has an intoxicating deep and rich scent. It has expansive energy that amplifies the right side of the brain, stimulating creativity, imagination and inspiration. It elevates the mood, calming anxiety and depression.

*SAGE CLARY  essential oil

- Sage Clary has a sacred floral scent. It alchemizes energy of anxiety and fear amplifying clarity of the mind. It promotes higher states of consciousness, allowing us to enter the expansive faith of the Beyond. It embodies the harmony of the chakras and the realms. 

*certified organic, wild harvested essential oils 

RENEWAL ingredients

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Our embodied rituals consist of  chakra mists and candles (an aura kit). We honor nature and you with sacred rituals of relaxation and gratitude. 

Our MISTS are a Divine blend of flower, gemstone and plant essences combined with therapeutic essential oils and infused in wild water. Energized with sacred elemental properties, sound and ritual, they balance your personal aura and auric space. Real crystals amplify the energy.

Our CANDLES are hand poured pure coconut and beeswax, infused with essential oils. They have a resonant crystal at the base to anchor the energy and crystals to adorn the surface. 

embodied RITUALS
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a  
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
field . There is an energetic field of potentials. We can meet in the field out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing. We believe this energy exists -  it is the expansive energy of the beyond.


Sacred Space

Creating our own sacred space is one of the most potent forms of ritual we have. Whether it is a special room set up just for you, or a corner or closet you can go to for a moment of peace, or simply being within your own skin, sacred space can be anywhere we already are. 

Nature is the most beautiful sacred space there is, and we have created Renewal to work with the properties of nature. In this magical elixir lies the frequency of clearing, cleansing, purifying - self, space, chakra, auric field, thoughts, emotions, and life. 



Sacred Time

Whether you play an instrument, knit, sketch or run - create time to do what you love and just Be. Remember something you used to love. Even if you haven't done it for years get your paints out, find your hiking boots, take up a yoga class. Follow your passion. 

You are changing your vibe, creating a new way of being. You are establishing ritual habits. Change it up. Follow your heart. See where you go. Break your patterns. See where you go. Seek your inspiration. What lights your fire?

You can cleanse your aura, your home....anything! You can cleanse and recharge your stones! This can be a great ritual to add intention and to restore your crystal to its natural state. Crystals hold energy and have natural properties, but they can be enhanced or diminished. You can use Renewal or play with ritual to charge your stones. 


Use running water, salt water or a pool of water (play with flowers) 

Use the energy of the sun and the moon (play with the heavens)

Use other crystals to amplify energy (play with complimentary stones)

Use mantra, hum, sing, sound bath with bowls (play with sound)

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apacheta + STACKS
Apachetas are an intentional form of rock stacking that have crossed cultures for centuries. The act of balancing stones to create intention is a simple practice but can be powerful if used ritually. You can create your rock stack to signify an intention, gratitude, or prayer. Have it be symbolic to you. You can also use stones to create mosaic garden spaces or around plants in your garden. Play with nature. Allow it to be too! It doesn't have to be polished to be perfect! See the beauty in the natural state of the stones. Wash them with water and appreciate the depth and variation of color. Go for a walk and see what you find! Drive to the beach and walk barefoot in the sand. 
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