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About Us

Be is about belief - living in faith.

Be is personal. It is the product of our heart and soul. Be is about being called - called to faith. To trust the Universe.  To live in harmony with the heavens.


We honor the perfection of nature and our gratitude for this life with the sacred ritual of lighting a candle and aligning to the magic and mystery of the Universe. 


Our Story


It was on a rainy day that my daughter, Lauren, and I created our first candle. It was not our first rainy day, over a year had gone by since we lost Erin Jane, my youngest daughter. She was just three and the light of our lives. It started with a single flame, illuminating our hearts, a healing tribute to Erin, in remembrance of her purity, beauty and loving message to celebrate life.​


It started with a persistent voice or knowing, a consciousness. A pattern had emerged in my life, waves of awakened consciousness would retreat into hypnotic periods of existence, high-functioning unconscious states. The message was simple, I was to wake up. I had a purpose - a reason for being. Be was created to walk it out - ritual practices to live our destiny in service to the Universe.

The Universe united us through the love of our children. 

Don't your know yet? It is your light that lights the world.

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