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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The more you awaken to the desire to serve your soul’s purpose, the higher your vibration and more vibrant your aura.


Your aura is your electromagnetic field, your energy expressed as a field of light. Magnetism is fundamental principal of Universal law. You attract and repel energy magnetically. If you are low vibe (fearful, angry, jealous) you are attracting that energy. If you are high vibe (faithful, compassionate, grateful) you are attracting that energy. Like attracts like.
This energetic bridge of heaven and earth exists as the 7 physical chakras and the 5 star chakras, or energy centers. We raise and lower our vibe based on what we think + feel. Each of us has our personal energetic resonance which is amplified by the Universe. Our energy effects every aspect of our life: mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

Your aura is a manifestation of your soul; your essence as a field of light. In scientific research the aura is a quantifiable electromagnetic field of energy that extends 4-5’ from our body. Electrons, composed of atoms, vibrate at the speed of our consciousness. Our aura is created by our subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings.

en·​er·​gy | \ ˈe-nər-j

1 . A dynamic trait, emotion or desire.

2 . An unseen spiritual force guiding us.

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