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Be. Renewed Wild Soul 


CITRINE   gemstone essence

- Citrine balances and aligns your chakras. It alchemizes all realms of existence. It often originates on the emotional and mental levels but it is a harmonizing stone. It is integrates spirit and matter, embodying the beyond - oneness. 


AMETHYST   gemstone essence

- Amethyst is a powerful healing stone. It is a love stone. It alchemizes emotional trauma, alleviating anxiety and fear. It dissolves negative energy and blockages within the nervous system, amplifying the expansive energy of the beyond -love.

ROSE QUARTZ   gemstone essence

- Rose Quartz amplifies higher states of consciousness, increasing your energetic vibration. It releases negative emotion and trauma whether fear, jealousy or anger. It magnifies energy for a dynamic effect and is a coupling stone.

*CEDARWOOD ATLAS  essential oil

– Cedarwood Atlas has an exquisite cedar scent. The Cedarwood Atlas is the purest form of spiritual love. It alchemizes dark energy amplifying the sacred energy of pure love. The ultimate healing energy. 

*FRANKINCENSE  essential oil

– Frankincense has an intoxicating deep and rich scent. It has expansive energy that amplifies the right side of the brain, stimulating creativity, imagination and inspiration. It elevates the mood, calming anxiety and depression.

*SAGE CLARY  essential oil

- Sage Clary has a sacred floral scent. It alchemizes energy of anxiety and fear amplifying clarity of the mind. It promotes higher states of consciousness, allowing us to enter the expansive faith of the Beyond. It embodies the harmony of the chakras and the realms. 

*certified organic, wild harvested essential oils 


SKU: 0018
  • Be AURA MISTS are a Divine blend of wild harvested flower, gemstone, and plant essences, combined with therapeutic essential oils, infused in pure and energized water with crystals amplifying the frequency of the Universe.  

    ​Be is energized with sacred elemental properties, color, sound, and ritual - created to balance your personal aura - elevate your vibration. Your aura is your soul's vibration. Your energy is expressed as a field of light.  

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